Peonies in Singapore


We're peony addicts and we adore working with this bloom in our bridal bouquets for #thefloralteasebrides and including them in curated bouquets for the tasteful woman in your life. 

We have received a few questions about them, so here's a quick 101 on getting Peonies in Singapore. 

May - July from Holland
December - February from New Zealand


What if I want peonies during the off peak season?

We can source them for you, however during off-peak periods the peonies tend to be much smaller in size and aren't as fresh as the ones when they're in their peak bloom period.


Typically, peonies are spring blooms and are very popular in both eastern and western cultures. They signify a happy marriage and good fortune. 


How do you keep peonies fresh in Singapore?
Like most flowers which are exported into Singapore, the peonies are not used to the heat and humidity. Normally, they will last around 1-3 days. You can do little tricks such as changing the water daily, feeding them special mix of floral food, and cutting the stems to prevent bacterial build up. If possible, keep them in a cool location out of direct sunlight as well.

What are alternatives for peonies?
Why not consider other high petal count flowers such as ranunculas or david austin roses? Feel free to chat with one of our floral concierge via the chat app to get their thoughts and advise. 

How do I order peonies from you?
Simple, head to our Shop > Select Bouquet Options > Check Out.

If they are reflected as 'Out of Stock' it means it's non-peak season, hence drop us a message at and we will check with our amazing suppliers if we can get them in just for you

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